Monday, April 3, 2017

Yo-li con Yoni

Due to my major and studying in America, I get lots of interesting assignment.

For one of my classes, Digital and Social Communication, I had to creat a 'how to' video. So my friend, Manny and I teamed up and decided to do a cooking video.

Manny is hispanic, and I'm Korean. We came up with an idea of Mexican and Korean fusion recipe for the video. It was a Mexican burrito with one of Korean foods, Bulgogi (Grilled, thin, marinated beef).

Yo-li con Yoni!
(FYI, yo-li means cook in Korean, and con means with in Spanish.)

Being an international student turned out to be an advantage this time. We could have created a generic recipe video. Thanks to our diverse cultural backgrounds, we were able to create such a unique recipe video.

Shoutout to my partner, Manny Arias!



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