Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Everyone Loves Present-tations!

UCO American Advertising Federation Competition Team won the 1st place for National Student Advertising Competition District 10 last Friday! And I was part of the team!

As an international student, it was a great experience I can never forget.

Since I don't work, I had more time than others. So I always asked the executives if there is anything else I can do. I think that really impressed the executives and the professor.

Here's how I joined the team and what I did.

The advisor professor was looking for a graphic designer last semester, and I feel confident with graphic design. So I joined AAF team this semester.

I thought I would definitely be in the creative team and working on graphic. However, I ended up being in the research team. I was very confused at first. Research needs lots of writing which I don't feel confident at all. I even asked the execs why I was in research team.

They said they found really good insights in me based on my secondary research. Plus, they thought I would be a why person who always asks why we are doing this, why we need to focus on this, etc.

After research, I thought I could finally work in creative team. Guess what? I was in WRITING TEAM. I was like "Are you kidding me? I'm not even a native speaker!"

So I asked them again. Why the heck am I in writing team now?

It was not like I was upset because I wanted to do graphic design. It was because I was afraid of writing and editing. I didn't want to be useless in the team.

However, the execs and the professor said I really am good at writing because I learned English properly. I don't use any slang. I barely have grammar errors or typos.

So I usually helped with proofreading. If a sentence is hard for me, it meant the sentence needs to be more concise.


I think the Korean culture in me helped a lot this time. I always tried to work extras and be committed.

Also, I learned that I am good at research and writing other than just graphics. I've always wanted to get a job related to graphics because I thought nobody will hire me for something else. It was a really good opportunity to find my talent.

Lastly, I learned how the real industry works. As an international student who hasn't had any internship yet, this was a perfect experience!

If you are an international student, join any kinds of competition team related to your future career. Even if you are not good at it, just go for it and try your best. I guarantee you will learn so many things that you can never learn from regular classes.



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