Monday, April 24, 2017

No Rice, No Life

I'm Asian, and I need to have rice for every meal. If you didn't have rice, you can't say you had a meal. Am I not sick of rice? No, NEVER. Rice is must have dish for our meal.

In Korean, meal and cooked rice are a same word. There is also a proverb in Korean saying Korean's energy comes from rice. It means Koreans can study, work or survive only if we had rice.

When I first came to the U.S., the struggle was real. I thought I will never miss Korean food because I  loved Western foods like pasta, burger and pizza. 2 months later, I found myself googling how to cook rice in a microwave.

A year later, I finally bought a rice cooker at Target.

It was okay but totally different from Korean rice cooker. In Korea, rice cooker is not only to cook rice but to keep rice for 3-4 days. The one I bought has keeping warm function but does not work very well. When I first used it, I cooked rice and left it overnight (I did not unplug it). It was rock hard the next day so I had to threw it away.

This is what my Japanese roommate and I came up with. Freeze 'em! All I have to do is to microwave it for 2 mins. One day, my roommate and I were saying that if there is no rice in our freezer that will be the end of the world! Don't worry. It will never happen.



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