Friday, April 21, 2017

Mother Nature Must Be Very Upset with Oklahoma!

The weather has been crazy this week! It reminded me again that I'm in Oklahoma. Living in Oklahoma for more than three years, I can tell you Oklahoma has the craziest weather in the world.

I'm from a city that has clear 4 seasons with smooth transitions between seasons. Yesterday's weather and today's weather are not that much different. Tomorrow will be pretty much same there. 

But not in Oklahoma!

When you feel like spring and fall has begun in Oklahoma, it ends in 2 weeks. Then, you will experience extremely hot in summer and extremely cold in winter. When the temperature hit 105 degree in the summer, I thought my weather app wasn't working properly. Last winter, it was 68 degree one day, and then all of sudden it went down to negative and snowed the next day. 


And My goodness! What the heck is thunderstorm? When it's so sunny out there that you can't even imagine it will rain later, it rains. I mean, it pours. Then, all of sudden, it gets sunny again just like nothing happened. 

This is obviously something I've never experienced before I came to Oklahoma. I'm from a city where the weather doesn't change dramatically. I've also traveled many different places, but there were no place with crazy weather like Oklahoma.

If you are studying abroad in Oklahoma, be aware of that!



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